Solid 18k Gold & Platinum

The replica watches sold today are in the best case simply gold plated plate in order save money. Otherwise the cost of the watch is very high. Bestclones Swiss made watches feature solid 18k gold and platinum wrap adding more value and genuine looks. Our watches go through a very expensive five-step process to achieve a thick and shiny finish. The precious metal wrapping process we use is NOT gold plating!!! This method saves thousands of dollars, because you only paying for a very "thick wrapping" of 18K gold on the band and case. That is 20x the gold content found in gold plated watches. This result in a watch that test positive for 18K gold since the layer is 20 times thicker than gold plating so the watch looks and feels just like the real thing.

Solid 18k Gold

Pure 18k Gold & Platinum Wrapped

The gold on our watches offer life-time durability and won’t wear off and are 100% hypoallergenic, unlike the cheap gold plated replica watches on the market. In fact your watch will look and feel so like a solid 18k Gold watch and not even a jeweler can tell the difference!

Solid 18k Gold

20x more Gold and far superior to regular plating all of our Gold watches are Gold wrapped with multiple layers of pure 18k Gold. It takes 5 whole days to apply the gold to a watch, as each layer of solid gold has to cool before additional layers can be added. What’s more, due to the combined thickness of all the solid gold layers applied your watch will actual test positive for solid 18k gold!