We use 904L, the Rolex Steel!

Bestclones are among the few Swiss watch makers to use solid 904L stainless steel to forge high quality Swiss made replica watches.

The 904L stainless steel is highly resistant to elements like sulfuric acid, sea water etc. and due to its hardness its scratch resistant and high polishable.

904L Steel makes our watches extremely durable and so unique that they stand out of the competition even when compared to genuine Swiss watches!

Solid 904l

Solid 904L vs 316L Stainless Steel

The 904L “Rolex Steel” is way harder than 316L steel and has better anti-corrosion properties too. Only Swiss based watch factories are using 904L steel because it’s harder and doesn’t machine well compared to softer grade steels like the 316L. We developed special tools, molds and a 250 ton press to cut the 904L steel parts and cases. So all our Rolex replica watch parts are 100% identical to genuine!


Steel 316

Steel 904l

Steel 904L