Even a Jeweler can’t tell!

Bestclones Swiss replica watches are equipped with a new generation of 1:1 Swiss Cloned watch movements that are designed and made in Switzerland.

Movements Rolex 3135

So if you are looking for the best Swiss replica watch in the market which is 100% identical Inside & Out with the genuine, then Bestclones is the answer.

Based in Geneva gives us the advantage to directly contact our Swiss suppliers and work with experienced watchmakers.

100% Identical Movement Looks, Dimensions, Functions, Metals and Finish Quality!

Even a Jeweler can’t tell if the movement is a genuine or a clone. Our Clone movements are calibrated within COSC certification limits and they are 100% identical in dimensions and metal alloy components to the genuine. We use reverse engineering in order to clone the movement and the result is an identical movement with accuracy down to a Nano meter! Every marking, engraving and serial numbering no matter how small is precisely replicated and can be cross referenced.

The genuine Swiss movement is completely disassembled and all parts dimensions and composition is analyzed and then cloned using CAD/CAM, CNC lasers with the exact same metal alloy used in the genuine movement. So the Cloned movement has the exact same dimensions, weight, looks and mechanical properties with the genuine since all the metal alloys are identical.

100 Percent Identical Looks

«Rolex» Fine Sweep Seconds Hand Motion

With 28.800 vibrations per hour our Swiss Cloned movements have to identical fine sweep seconds hand motion as the genuine Swiss watch movement has. So they are 100% identical visually and functionally to the genuine.

Rolex Fine Sweep Seconds

Less Friction with Nano Lubricants

Bestclones Swiss Cloned movements are lubed with advanced Nano technology lubricants which protect and extend the movements life. Our Movements operate with less friction and wear and will keep running with minimum service needs.

Once every 5 years is the recommended service-lubrication period and thanks to our Nano Oils the need for replacement parts will be almost none for years to come.

Less Friction With Nano

Not 99% Identical. 100% with Rolex Blue Hairspring

The first Rolex Swiss cloned movement with Blue Parachrom hairspring oscillator! The oscillator in our Rolex Clone movement beats eight times a second, or more than 250 million times a year!

Not 99 Identical

Finer than a human hair, blue Parachrom hairspring is manufactured in Bestclones Switzerland laboratories. By fusing niobium and zirconium the two metals are fused together in a high vacuum at a temperature of 2400°C with a precise quantity of oxygen and so we create the blue anti-magnetic hairspring which is up to ten times more accurate than traditional iron, nickel, cobalt and chrome hairsprings.

So when a jeweler opens the case back of a Bestclones Swiss Replica Rolex immediately he will spot Blue hairspring and will have no doubt that it’s a genuine Rolex!